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As it is explained in Refractory Materials Introduction and Classification, in a general and of course the most important classification, refractory materials are divided into two main categories: bricks and mixes (masses), of which mixes contain several sub-branches, themselves. Isfahan Behin Nasooz Industries Co. is so proud to introduce itself as the greatest manufacturer of silica ramming mixes in Iran and offers various services related to these mixes. In addition to silica refractory mixes, our R&D unit has achieved great successes in designing and producing other refractory mixes containing castable, coating and plastic refractories and also mortars. By clicking each of the following categories, you can go to each one’s related page containing a short description for that category and also the links to each category’s correspondent products. This can be done by using the website’s navigation menu bar and then selecting Products menu, too. Also for getting tips and instructions to the usage and application methods, sintering process, refractories common defects, possible troubleshooting and, in general, all services concerning our products, please go to Services and Instructions menu. It should be mentioned that our Q.C. unit is prepared to provide the customers with the latest updates on technical information for the products and answer your possible questions ASAP.

نسوز سیلیسی شرکت بهین نسوز اصفهان

Ramming refractory mixes are composed of refractory aggregates with various fine, medium and coarse particles, which are available both in dry and wet forms. These mixes are rammed and compressed in place by using special hammers or pneumatic rammers and mostly form chemical bonds. In some classifications, plastic refractories are also categorized among ramming mixes, too, due to their ramming installation method. 

Castable refractory mixes, also known as refractory concretes, are applied in place by casting, just like their name. They are a mixture of various components like alumina cements, fillers, very fine-sized materials and additives and form a hydraulic or chemical bond. For these mixes, calcium aluminate cements are their main and common binders.

Coating refractory mixes, or generally refractory coatings, are a mixture of powder (usually ≤ 1 mm P.S.D.) raw materials, hydraulic or chemical binders and sometimes refractories industry common additives. These products have a great capability of troweling (their main application method) and also sometimes gunning (with a gunning tool) for their installation.

Gunning refectories mixes are masses that have the ability to gun with proper granulation and binders. Shotcrete or concrete is concrete that is sprayed on the work surface at high speed with the help of compressed air and sticks to it, even if the desired surface is completely vertical or the roof. The main reasons for using this method are low space and steep slopes.

According to their name, plastic refractories have a plastic behavior with a high flexibility and formability that can be formed and shaped as intended. To install plastic refractories, a hammer or a pneumatic rammer is needed; but sometimes they’re applied by hand, too. These products are produced in two forms of heat-setting and chemical-bonded.

Refractory mortars are used to bind shaped refractories (bricks, prefabricated pieces or insulating materials) by various methods of application such as troweling, dipping, or casting between brick joints. These materials contain additives with fine particles and also binders which are aimed to be used for a certain grade of bricks or a specified application.

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